General Information

Our Vision

The Academy for Language and Technology will provide a nurturing environment where learning, creativity, and freethinking are strongly encouraged. Our close-knit network of parents, community members, and faculty will provide each student with a supportive foundation on which each student can develop as an individual and scholar. Students will emerge from the Academy for Language and Technology as confident learners, responsible people, active members of the community, and positive leaders. All students will be proficient in reading, writing, and speaking English, numeracy, and using technology.  They will become critical thinkers and risk takers who have built the solid civic competence necessary to make a positive impact in the community.

Our Core Beliefs

○    Inquiry-Based Learning - the commitment to being a life-long learner.

○    Character Development - the commitment to consciously use the skill of creative imagination to achieve personal and educational goals.

○    Community Building – the commitment to building and strengthening family and community partnerships to support the academic and character development of all students.

Seven Values of Success